Is the Tithe a New Testament Requirement?

Xulon Press, 2008 - 88 pages
Sometimes God uses a man in the wilderness to present the truth of His Word. A man, who is unlearned and possess no scholarly degrees or eloquent speech. Concerning John the Baptist, Jesus asked and answered, "What did you come into the wilderness to see? Someone dressed in expensive garments." The following question is asked of you. For what intent are you purchasing a Christian book? Is it to only learn from and to be dazzled by a writer with grammatically perfect skills and academic achievements? If your answer is yes, then put this book back. I have neither such credentials nor achievements but I do have a hunger towards God and a love of the truth. If such stimulates your palate, you may find many of these teachings refreshing and inspired. This book will help devoted Bible believing Christians to determine if the Tithe is a New Testament requirement. Quency Gardner is married to Virgen D. Gardner with four children: Jessie (Forsty), Patient, Gentle Joy & Jessica. Quency was born, lived and raised in Grifton NC, until approximately grade eight. His parents moved to Greenville, NC, during which he completed High School and some formal education. Quency experienced the latter portion of the Hippie movement and the revivals which changed the direction of his life and our country. Quency has been a Spirit Filled student of the Scriptures and a minister of the Gospel for thirty plus years. He has served as an Evangelist, a Pastor and a Teacher in Baptist, Charismatic and Full Gospel Churches.

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Is the Tithe a New Testament requirement?
Tithing existed before the Law
Is Tithing validated in the New Testament????
Will a man rob God???
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