The Spiritual Family in the 21st Century: How to Build Eternal Relationships in a Temporal World?

Xlibris Corporation, 2005 - 276 pages
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This work, one of the most important and practical ones, written by Dr. Roche de Coppens is an up-to-date version of The Invisible Temple (published by Llewellyn some 20 years ago). It looks at the present crisis in the family, links it with the spiritual dimension, and offers a vision and suggestions of where the family may be going and what might bring about its true revival. To do so, we must recognize its various aspects and functions and link it with spiritual work and the awakening of spiritual consciousness. Its central theme is: how to achieve eternal relationships in a temporal world refocusing our attention to what constitutes true or "essential" wealth and how to achieve it: enter the "school of love" and learn how to express it on the vertical and horizontal dimensions for this is how we will create a "Noah's Ark" for our times.

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