Fables and Fabulists, Ancient and Modern

E. Stock, 1896 - 152 pages

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Page 25 - Satire is a sort of glass, wherein beholders do generally discover everybody's face but their own...
Page 139 - Their real interest to discern, — That brother should not war with brother, And worry and devour each other, But sing and shine by sweet consent Till life's poor transient night is spent, Respecting in each other's case The gifts of nature and of grace.
Page 107 - Of manners gentle, of affections mild ; In wit, a man ; simplicity, a child ; With native humour temp'ring virtuous rage, Form'd to delight at once and lash the age ; Above temptation, in a low estate ; And uncorrupted...
Page 29 - I SHALL not ask Jean Jacques Rousseau,* If birds confabulate or no ; 'Tis clear, that they were always able To hold discourse, at least in fable...
Page 74 - And when they told it to Jotham, he went and stood in the top of mount Gerizim, and lifted up his voice, and cried, and said unto them, Hearken unto me, ye men of Shechem, that God may hearken unto you.
Page 74 - The trees went forth on a time to anoint a king over them ; and they said unto the olive tree, Reign thou over us. But the olive tree said unto them, Should I leave my fatness, wherewith by me they honour God and man, and go to be promoted over the trees ? "And the trees said to the fig tree, Come thou, and reign over us.
Page 107 - And when a lady's in the case, You know all other things give place. To leave you thus might seem unkind, But see the Goat is just behind.
Page 74 - And the vine said unto them, Should I leave my wine, which cheereth God and man, and go to be promoted over the trees? Then said all the trees unto the bramble, Come thou, and reign over us.
Page 108 - THE wind was high, the window shakes, With sudden start the Miser wakes ; Along the silent room he stalks, Looks back, and trembles as he walks. Each lock and every bolt he tries, In every creek and corner pries; Then opes the chest with treasure...
Page 107 - Life is a jest, and all things show it, I thought so once, and now I know it.

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