Conversion: Old Worlds and New

Kenneth Mills, MA, BSc, FRCS, Kenneth Mills, Anthony Grafton
University Rochester Press, 2003 - 301 pages
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A historical investigation of the phenomena of religious conversion from ancient to modern times.

This volume explores the subject of religious conversion over broad expanses of time and space, considering cases from the thirteenth through the twentieth centuries and from settings across the world. Leading scholars from a variety of historical sub-fields address the theme at a moment when the utility of the concept of conversion is vigorously debated. The historical settings treated here stretch from thirteenth-century England to sixteenth-century southern India and Andean Peru, from Bohemia to China during the age of the Reformations, from the fifteenth-century Low Countries to seventeenth-century New France and from the nineteenth-century Minnesota borderlands to late colonial Zimbabwe and modern India. The book's broad mixture of examples and approaches will both encourage a deepening of specialist knowledge about particular places and times, and spark new thinking about religious change, cultural appropriations, and interactive emergence across discipline and fields.

This book is one of two collections of essays on religious conversion drawn from the activities of the Shelby Cullum Davis Center for Historical Studies at Princeton University between 1999 and 2001. The other volume, Conversion in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages, is also published by the University of Rochester Press.


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Table des matières

Conversion and Compromise in ThirteenthCentury England
Conversion and Conformity in the Early Fifteenth Century
The Bible Communities
CounterReformation Europe and the Catholic
Portuguese and Tamil in SixteenthCentury
Indirect Rule Settlement Consolidation
Iroquois Christianity in SeventeenthCentury
Missionaries and Dakotas in
Money and New Christian
Literacy in the Eye of Indias Conversion Storm
Notes on Contributors
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Gauri Viswanathan is a professor of English & comparative literature at Columbia University. She is the author of "Masks of Conquest: Literary Study & British Rule in India" & "Outside the Fold: Conversion, Modernity, & Belief". She lives in New York City.

JOHN VAN ENGEN is Professor Emeritus, University of Notre Dame.

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