Sources and Analogues of the Canterbury Tales, Volume 2

DS Brewer, 2002 - 824 pages
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The publication of this volume completes the new edition of the sources and major analogues of all the Canterbury Tales prepared by members of the New Chaucer Society. This collection, the first to appear in over half a century, features such additions as a fresh interpretation of Chaucer's sources for the frame of the work, chapters on the sources of the General Prologue and Retractions, and modern English translations of all foreign language texts, with glosses for the Middle English. Chapters on the individual tales contain an updated survey of the present state of scholarship on their source materials. Several sources and analogues discovered during the past fifty years are found here together for the first time, and some other familiar sources are re-edited from manuscripts closer to Chaucer's copies. Besides the General Prologue and the Retractions, this volume includes chapters on the Miller, Summoner, Merchant, Physician, Shipman, Prioress, Sir Thopas, Canon's Yeoman, Manciple, the Knight and the prologues and tales of the Man of Law and Wife of Bath.Contributors: PETER BEIDLER, KENNETH A. BLEETH, LAUREL BROUGHTON, JOANNE CHARBONNEAU, WILLIAM E. COLEMAN, CAROLYN P. COLLETTE, VINCENT DI MARCO, PETER FIELD, TRAUGOTT LAWLER, ANITA OBERMEIER, ROBERT RAYMO, CHRISTINE RICHARDSON-HEY, JOHN SCATTERGOOD, NIGEL S. THOMPSON, EDWARD WHEATLEY, JOHN WITHRINGTON,

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Table des matières

The Knights Tale William E Coleman
The Millers Tale Peter G Beidler
The Man of Laws Prologue and Tale Robert M Correale
The Wife of Baths Prologue Ralph Hanna and Traugott Lawler
The Wife of Baths Tale John Withrington and P J C Field
The Summoners Prologue and Tale Christine RichardsonHay
The Merchants Tale N S Thompson
The Physicians Tale Kenneth Bleeth
The Shipmans Tale John Scattergood
The Prioresss Prologue and Tale Laurel Broughton
Sir Thopas Joanne A Charbonneau
The Canons Yeomans Tale Carolyn P Collette and Vincent DiMarco
The Manciples Tale Edward Wheatley
Chaucers Retraction Anita Obermeier
Contributors and Editors
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