The Ethical Journalist

SAGE, 30 nov. 2006 - 224 pages
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"As one of the main scriptwriters of the two internal BBC training sessions which were produced following the Hutton inquiry, I can heartily recommend this book."
- Peter Stewart, BBC Training Department

"Packed with illustrations of journalistic heroism and skulduggery... This is an engaging and useful reference book and should become essential reading for serious students of journalism and for those who practise it."
- Times Higher Education Supplement

"A must-read for all journalists - be they reporters, editors or bloggers. It is both a straightforward explanation of ethical dilemmas using real-life examples and a subtle commentary on the state of British journalism."
- British Journalism Review

"This engaging nd accessible book cannot fail to inspire those who want to be good journalists in every sense of the word."
- Journalism Practice

Everything that journalists do has ethical implications, and in this book Tony Harcup explores the range of issues likely to confront those studying journalism or training to become journalists. The starting point for this engaging and innovative book is that ethical journalism is good journalism.

Building on the reflective and questioning approach of the author′s acclaimed Journalism: Principles and Practice, this book discusses journalists′ personal anecdotes alongside relevant critical studies by academics. Original interviews include Andrew Gilligan on his meeting with weapons expert Dr David Kelly and Ryan Parry on being an undercover reporter in Buckingham Palace.

Informed by new research and the author′s own experience within mainstream and alternative journalism, The Ethical Journalist addresses topics such as trust, the public interest, deception, news values, source relationships, crime reporting, regulation and the Hutton inquiry.

This exciting new title discusses ethics as fundamental rather than as a set of problems or an added extra, and it should become essential reading for everyone interested in journalism.


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Table des matières

Chapter 1 Introduction to ethical journalism
Chapter 2 Why journalism matters
Chapter 3 Knowledge is power
Chapter 4 In the public interest
News values at work
Chapter 6 Can I quote you on that?
How crime is reported in the media
Chapter 8 The regulation of journalism
National Union of Journalists Code of Conduct
NUJ Guidelines on Race Reporting
Press Complaints Commission Code of Practice
Selected Extracts from the Ofcom Broadcasting Code
Selected Extracts from the BBC Editorial Guidelines
Committee of Concerned Journalists Statement of Journalism Principles
AlJazeera Code of Ethics
Appendix 9 Indymedia UK Mossion Statement

Chapter 9 Standing up for standards
Chapter 10 Ethical journalism is good journalism
International Federation of Journalists Declaration of Principles on the Conduct of Journalists
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À propos de l'auteur (2006)

Tony Harcup teaches journalism at the University of Sheffield in the UK, and has spent more than 20 years working as a staff and freelance journalist in both alternative and mainstream media before moving into journalism education.

Tony has also researched extensively in the fields of journalism, news values, ethics and alternative media, and his books and journal articles are on students’ reading lists at universities around the world.

His book Journalism: Principles and Practice (Sage, 2015) is now in its third edition and has been translated into several languages, including Chinese and Korean. His other titles include The Ethical Journalist (Sage, 2007), Alternative Journalism, Alternative Voices (Routledge, 2013), the Oxford Dictionary of Journalism (Oxford University Press, 2014) and – with Peter Cole – Newspaper Journalism (Sage, 2010).

In 2015 Tony was included in the Sage Video Collection with a talk on ethics in journalism:

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