The works of Hannah More, Volume 4

T. Cadell and W. Davies, 1801
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Page 89 - ... all. You and I, master Worthy, have worked hard many years, and think it very well to have scraped a trifle of money together ; you a few hundreds I suppose, and I a few thousands. But one would think every man in these books had the bank of England in his 'scrutore.
Page 418 - For it is impoflible for thofe who " were once enlightened, and have tafted of the heavenly " gift, and were made partakers of the Holy Ghoft, and " have tafted the good word of God and the powers of " the world to come, if they fhall fall away, to renew them " again unto repentance ; feeing they crucify to themfelves " the Son of God afrefh, and put him to an open fhame.
Page 295 - Whether pity for us, or fear for themselves, wrought strongest, God knoweth ; probably the latter ; for the mob were wrought up to such a pitch of fury, that their...
Page 27 - Saunders to freedom, as a Pole or a South American, though I should be very glad to help them too. But one must begin to love somewhere, and to do good somewhere ; and I think it is as natural to love one's own family, and to do good in one's own neighborhood, as to any body else.
Page 1 - WILLIAM. MR. FANTOM was a retail trader in the city of London. As he had no turn to any expensive vices, he was reckoned a sober decent man, but he was covetous and proud, selfish and conceited. As soon as he got forward in the world, his vanity began to display itself, though not in the ordinary method, that of making a figure and living away ; but still he was tormented with a longing...
Page 114 - he that hateth his brother " is a murderer ;" and again, " love your " enemies, blefs them that curfe you, and ' ?' pray for them that defpitefully ufe you *
Page 398 - Blefled are the poor in fpirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Page 398 - ... our light affliction which is but for a moment, worketh out for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory...

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