Three Weeks in Holland and Belgium

Reilly & Britton Company, 1908 - 267 pages
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Page 114 - Andalucia, am is the capital of the province of the same name. It is situated in a bay of the Mediterranean, in a bleak and mountainous position.
Page 246 - I learned in school must apply to a railroad company as well as everything else, that the sum of all the parts is equal to the whole.
Page 105 - The worthy Dutch mariner , in conscientious fulfilment of the request, accordingly brought back a cargo of wheat from Dantsic ! The lady, indignant at his stupidity, ordered the valuable freight to be thrown overboard at the mouth of the harbour. This act of wanton waste...
Page 72 - They also have an exaggerated notion of the speed of an American pedestrian. If they tell you that anything is within fifteen minutes' walk, and you reach it in half an hour, you have probably broken a record.
Page 187 - These are sown in the fall and the winter's snows and spring rains bring them to perfection. Early in the summer they are ploughed up and sold to the credulous.
Page 227 - Convent was signed the Treaty of Ghent which ended the war of 1812 between England and the United States.
Page 116 - At Assen we are scheduled for three hours in a fifteen-minute town.

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