His Life: A Complete Story in the Words of the Four Gospels

Good Press, 26 nov. 2019 - 213 pages
The four Gospels, each telling in its own way the story of the Life of Jesus, are the rich heritage of Christians. No one of the Gospels could be spared. But in reading any one of the four we miss some of the familiar words and incidents we love. Almost from the days of the Apostles there have been attempts to unite the Gospels in a single narrative. The editors of this little book have undertaken to prepare an interwoven story of the Life of Jesus from the four Gospels for popular reading. A booklet that may be carried in the pocket, and may be sold, in paper binding, for ten cents, has been their ambition. They have been led to this undertaking by the large demand for copies of their previous booklet, "His Last Week," which comprises the last third of this volume, whose use at Easter time has brought them many requests for the complete Gospel story, interwoven in the same manner.

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