A Single Rose: The Single Christian Guide to Sucessful Living

AuthorHouse, 2007 - 184 pages

Are you a single Christian woman who hasn't reached your potential? This book is for you. It's about single Christian women not waiting to live life, but having a life in spite of disappointments, or lost dreams. Most of our lives in church we are taught that we should marry young and have children, and though that is a dream for most of us, many times it just doesn't happen. Do we blame God for not supplying us with our desires, and except life as it is, or do we go by faith and seek a higher purpose for our lives?

This book was written to encourage the "the single rose" everywhere that you are more valuable to God than you know. No, you didn't get married yet, or maybe you don't even have children, but you were hoping these things would happen in your life. You're still a worthwhile human being and God has a plan for your life. He has not forgotten about you. You were created to have success and to live your dreams.

It's time to pursue that goal or dream, instead of waiting to start your life when and if you get married. Time waits on no one and in some cases it either now or never to accomplish your goals. And if marriage is for you, it will happen in God's time.

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