The Matrix of Destiny: God's Seven Progressive Revelations: A Practical Guide for Victorious and Abundant Living

AuthorHouse, 2007 - 244 pages

What Powerful Forces really govern your life and the Destiny of Mankind?

In this groundbreaking work, author James E. Spencer, Jr. decodes an astonishing "spiritual technology" hidden in the Hebrew and Christian Bible. The Matrix of Destiny identifies a universal message coded within the Hebrew and Christian scriptures that tracks the progressive evolution of humanity from fearful survival oriented beings beholden to the manipulations of dark spiritual forces, to confident, God-empowered, Holy Spirit-led beings who recognize their most important acts are what they do in the service of others.

The Matrix of Destiny holds the key to our system of Reality, and provides satisfying answers for many seekers of truth and meaning. The eye-opening result is the unveiling of Seven Progressive Revelations, which collectively define a powerful framework for understanding oneself, ones culture, ones-purpose and the archetypal influences, which motivates ones choices. It is a valuable and important work, with an irresistible message and a unique format.

The Matrix of Destiny offers the reader an utterly compelling and singular Worldview which despite its roots in Judaism and Christianity, transcends, religion, race, culture, politics, sex and money. Enlightening, provocative, and right to the point, The Matrix of Destiny reveals an extraordinary tool for understanding and thriving in Reality as we know it.

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