Credo: The Catechism Of The Old Catholic Church

iUniverse, 2004 - 508 pages
The Old Catholic Church of the United States is a Catholic Family of Faith, based within the United States. As inheritors of Apostolic Succession from the Western Latin (Catholic) Church, the Ancient Oriental Churches and the Eastern Byzantine (Orthodox) Churches, we possess a rich theological heritage. We are a sacramental church, embracing the fullness of Christianity as expressed within Catholic understanding. We stand, holding fast to the teachings of the ancient faith, in a modern society that is often hostile, towards Christians in general and Catholics in particular, and choose to obey the timeless message of Christ rather than yield to the "Spirit of the Age".

"I am very happy with the contents, and feel that yet again it is a wonderful work and look forward to having this in print to use here in the UK." - Most Rev. David Bowler, Provincial Ordinary of the United Kingdom.

"As a comprehensive, detailed Old Catholic catechism, it is an indispensable aid to studying the faith." -Most Rev. Andre' Queen, Provincial Ordinary of the Western United States.


Table des matières

An Overview of this Catechism
A Foundational Catechism
The Ecumenical Councils The Early Church Fathers
An Exploratory Catechism
Eastern and Western Expressions In American Old Catholicism
Learning Through Explaining and Defending The Faith
A Treasury of Prayers
Rites of Initiation For The New Member
The Liturgy of the Old Catholic Church
An Appendix of Catechetical Information
Back Cover
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