The Fundamentalist Mind: How Polarized Thinking Imperils Us All

Quest Books, 1 janv. 2007 - 272 pages
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We are all fundamentalists whether we acknowledge it or not. We were born into a world of myth and metaphor and have come to internalize the stories we were told as children as the literal interpretations of much greater and deeply symbolic lessons. When we fall into such patterns, according to author and psychotherapist Stephen Larsen, we lose all flexibility and freedom of thought. We become split by dualistic thinking—bad versus good; black versus white—and are weighted down by definitive, concretistic principles and behaviors that alienate us from one another. Dr. Larsen explains that we can avoid such pitfalls by identifying our “inner fundamentalist” and becoming more open-minded individuals.

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The Phantom Rulers of Humanity 1
The Neurobiology of Belief 21
Authority Ritual and Dissociation 49
Fragments of the Gods 77
Dualism and Millennialism in Christianity 97
Secular Fundamentalism
The FiveMinute Fundamentalist
Natural Religion
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Stephen Larsen is Professor Emeritus of psychology, SUNY, Ulster.

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