The Greek Tragic Theatre: Containing Æschylus by Dr. Potter, Sophocles by Dr. Francklin, and Euripides by Mich. Wodhull, Esq, Volume 1

John Walker, 1809

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Page 138 - How often from the steep Of echoing hill, or thicket, have we heard Celestial voices, to the midnight air (Sole, or responsive to each other's note) / Singing their great Creator ? oft in bands While they keep watch, or nightly rounding walk, With heav'nly touch of instrumental sounds,
Page xxv - The lonely mountains o'er, And the resounding shore, A voice of weeping hea,rd, and loud lament; From haunted spring and dale, Edg'd with poplar pale, With flow'er-inwoven tresses torn The nymphs in twilight shade of tangled thickets mourn,
Page xi - Quare quis tandem me reprehendat, " aut quis mihi jure succenseat, si, quantum " ceteris ad suas res obeundas, quantum ad " festos dies ludorum celebrandos, quantum ad " alias voluptates, et ad ipsam requiem animi et " corporis conceditur temporum: quantum alii " tribuunt tempestivis conviviis; quantum
Page 225 - Milton: Thammuz came next behind, Whose annual wound in Lebanon allur'd The Syrian damsels to lament his fate In am'rous ditties all a summer's day; While smooth Adonis from his native rook Ran purple to the sea, suppos'd with
Page 25 - Your ladyship is nearer ' heaven than when I saw you last by the altitude of a chioppine.
Page 180 - power attends, And from Olympus' lofty tops descends. Bent was his bow the Grecian hearts to wound; Fierce as he mov'd, his silver shafts resound. Breathing revenge, a sudden night he spread, And gloomy darkness
Page xxi - wander travellers in woods by night, By the moon's doubtful and malignant light ; When Jove in dusky clouds involves the skies, And the faint crescent shoots by fits before their eyes.
Page 264 - dragon birth. CHORUS. This new-born dragon, like an infant child, Laid in the cradle seem'd in want of food ; And in her dream she held it to her breast. ORESTES. Without a wound 'scaped she the hideous monster ? CHORUS. The milk he drew was mix'd with clotted blood. ORESTES.
Page 367 - They mean to separate, and in secret flight " Seek safety." At these words the royal chief, Little conceiving of the wiles of Greece And gods averse, to all the naval leaders Gave his high charge : " -Soon as yon sun shall cease " To dart his radiant beams, and dark'ning night " Ascends the temple of the sky
Page 368 - The common cause of all demands your valour." Meantime from Persia's hosts the deep'ning shout Answer'd their shout; no time for cold delay; But ship 'gainst ship its brazen beak impell'd. First to the charge a Grecian galley rush'd; 111 the Phoenician bore the rough attack, Its

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