The Christian Superhero Training Guide

Lulu Press, Incorporated, 2007 - 152 pages
This book is the culmination of years of work and study (written while finishing my Bible degree) and contains resources to benefit every Christian, especially if you are new to the faith or want to remind yourself of who you are in Christ. Our world focuses on the powers of superheroes but ignores the supernatural call upon all of us to extend Christ's reign over our lives. Yes, we have Arch Foes that try to stop us (this book studies 5 ... Demons, The World, The Flesh, Doubt, and Pride). However, we have a Lord who conquered those foes and has given us the power to overcome them, if we will learn to take and use the authority He gives us. This book studies Superheroes of the Past (Biblical Heroes), Superheroes of the Present (current day believers), and our Arch Foes. Then, I have provided 4 appendi: logical and Scriptural answers to the 10 top demon lies in the world, Providence Scriptures, Silver Bullet Arguments to help you win debates, and poetry about Heaven.

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