John Milton: A Short Introduction

John Wiley & Sons, 6 mai 2002 - 144 pages
In this compelling first volume in the Blackwell Introductions to Literature series, Roy Flannagan, editor of The Milton Quarterly, provides a readable and uncluttered critical account of a complicated and sophisticated author, and his poetry and prose.
  • Puts John Milton under the microscope, using the still-evolving critical perspectives of the last fifty years
  • Looks at Milton’s life, and the cultural background to his work, as well as examining his writing
  • Considers how and why Milton’s work has endured the centuries to educate, entertain and intrigue so many generations of readers
  • Ideal for the reader falling in love with Milton’s poetry and prose, who longs to know more about what people think about the poetry, the man or the historical context

Table des matières

Marriage and Divorce
The Nativity Ode
Arcades and A Masque known as Comus
Paradise Lost
Paradise Found Paradise Regaind
Aftermath and Influence
Droits d'auteur

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À propos de l'auteur (2002)

Roy Flannagan

began what was to become the Milton Quarterly in 1967. He has been the President of the Milton Society of America, and he followed C. S. Lewis and Northrop Frye as Honored Scholar of the Society in 2001. Editor of the Riverside Milton, he is also President of the Council of Editors of Learned Journals. After 32 years at Ohio University, he has taken the position of Scholar in Residence at the University of South Carolina at Beaufort.

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