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many of you will be in a coffin before they are! And, oh, who can tell the awfulness of a body in the grave, and a soul not in Jesus? My heart's prayer for my dear readers is, that the Lord would use the pages of the GLEANER to the making them young pilgrims, and then, whether they see old age or not, they will reach the celestial city.


Dear young friends, there is only heaven and hell, the palace of joy or the prison of woe. you die in your sins, you must for ever perish. Sin must, through godly fear, be left, or the soul lost. All your own doings must be cast away for salvation, or you will find your only covering filthy rags. Jesus must be sought with sorrow and found with joy, sought and found by precious faith, or your soul will be lost. All out of the ark perished. All out of Jesus will perish. All in the ark lived. All in Jesus will live for ever.

I often think what a privilege it is that I may write the truth in this plain way to you, and that you may read it. Time was when it might have cost death at the stake for any one to do what I am allowed to do now with perfect freedom. Oh, may the Lord continue to us our many privileges! I often fear we may as a nation have to suffer from Popery for our encouragement of Popish superstitions. It is very grievous that this country should pay away the public money to teachers of treason and idolatry; for what is Popery but a treasonable seeking to exalt the Pope above the Sovereign of these realms, and the worship of a breaden idol with other creatures, instead of the Creator. I am one of the last that would encourage persecuting measures, but I must say that everything should be done that can be rightly done to satisfy the old English cry of "No Popery." And, says one,

"Be it known that by these two words we mean, NO withholding of the Bible from the people ;NO worshipping of God in a dead language;-NO bowing down before images as helps in devotion; -NO divine homage offered to a human being, though the mother of our Lord, as if to a Mediator more easy of access than Himself;-NO Priests making pretence to offer afresh continually the sacrifice of Christ crucified;-NO polluting Confessional; 1;-NO persecuting Inquisition;-NO Smithfield fires; NO Bartholomew massacre;- NO Gunpowder Plot;-NO Revocation of the Edict of Nantes;-NO Dragonnades, like those of the Low Countries;-No Indulgence, like that of James II.; -NO Jesuits, with their hidden works of darkness; -NO Jesuitical Evasions of truth ;-NO license for doing evil that good may come of it;-NO Absolution for the worst of crimes, such as perjury and assassination, if committed in the interests of a worldly-wise Church;-NO Sovereignty of a Priesthood over magistrates and courts of law;-NO Canon Law to override the statutes of the realm; -NO Cursing with bell, book, and candle;-NO Encyclical, denouncing progress in science, abhorrent of freedom in the press and in the state, and sanctioning the ignorance and the spirit of persecution prevalent in the dark ages;-NO enforced Celibacy, with all the horrors it involves; -NO Young Women buried alive in Nunneries ;NO Convents for idle and mischief-making Monks; -NO Kidnapping of children, to be made Proselytes perforce;-No Tampering with the Consciences of the Dying, for the enriching of their spiritual Directors;-NO fictitious Purgatory;- NO purchased Masses for the pretended benefit of the Dead;-No reliance on the will and power of a

Priest to Forgive Sins;-NO subjection of the Right of Private Judgment to Priestly Direction; -NO assumption of Infallibility by a mortal man; -NO pretence of authority to reveal New Doctrines, as if from heaven;-NO Conspiracy against the independence of nations, and the welfare of the human race, for the aggrandizement of a selfstyled Vicar of Christ, enthroned at Rome, against the will of the Romans, and thence propagating to the ends of the earth a debased and counterfeit Christianity, which has ever been the chief hindrance to the spread of the Word of God.

"This is the purport of the Watchword which we adopt; calling things by their right names, without reflecting on persons. And in adopting it, we protest against Popish principles and prac tices, whether in Church or State, whether in the Roman or in the Anglican communion. Let, therefore, all who are disposed to abhor that which is evil, as well as cleave to that which is good, unite with heart and mouth to say,NO POPERY!"*

I repeat it, dear children, we are a guilty land in professing to take the Bible for our guide, and then supporting superstitious Ritualists in the State Church, and the treasonable and idolatrous doctrines of Popery. But, with all our sins, we may truly say the Lord has been a long-suffering God towards us. If we had been told that this summer we should see months of such drought and heat as we have seen, we should have expected nothing less than a famine, instead of which "our garners are full, affording all manner of store;" and now the Lord is sending us down refreshing showers to water the thirsty earth, and provide sustenance for our hungry, thirsty flocks and

Let this be distinctly in the lips of Electors to Candidates. -ED.

herds. "Oh, that men would praise the Lord for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men!"

We have long and often contrasted mercifully with other nations in temporal things as well as spiritual privileges, and it is well to mark this contrast, that we may be stirred up to gratitude. The tidings from Russia are most painful, as the following extract shows:

"The peasants in many of the provinces of that vast empire are threatened with a scarcity of which it is painful to contemplate the probable consequence. Everything, we are told, is burnt up. Since the commencement of May not one drop of rain has fallen. The provinces of the south are as badly off as those on the Baltic. All the farmers in the Government of Pultowa are in despair. The reaping should have commenced in a fortnight, but there is nothing to gather-neither rye, nor oats, nor hay.' The price of rye, the staple food of the country, is risen to an unheardof figure, and a terrible famine seemed impending. In Kieff, Podolia, and Volhynia, matters were no better, and prices were rising daily. The crops in Livonia and Courland were quite given up, and throughout Esthonia nothing but lamentations were heard."

This is painful, dear young friends, and should remind you, every meal, of your many, many mercies. But what gratitude ought to fill our hearts when we read the following harrowing details of suffering in Algeria, extracted from a letter from a clergyman, dated Algeria, July 10th,



The famine brought on by drought and the plagues of locusts and cholera has exhausted the native resources, gradually assuming most dis

tressing proportions, and literally decimating the native population. They die, not from any disease, but from starvation. They first fed on the grass of the field and the leaves of trees; the filth collected in dust-carts was a luxury. They then dug out and ate animals which had died from starvation. In travelling I saw these creatures, shrunk to skin and bone, surrounding the dwarf palms and thistles, which they thought delicious fare. Voracious jackals are deprived of any chance animal lying dead in the country. Men attack carts laden with manure, and pull out the cabbage-stalks and turnip-tops. Women grub in the horse-litter the undigested grains of corn and barley, wash, and eat them with avidity. Children throw themselves upon the sweepings of the house, and dispute with the dogs the bones and other pitiful refuse found upon the heaps of rubbish, smash, and gnaw them. This appalling distress at last impelled the famished beings to acts of violence and unheard-of vileness and cannibalism. They attacked men and beasts, and even killed their own children, salted, and ate them. In spite of hundreds of thousands of francs sent from France, the famished Bedouins perish in incredible numbers. Bodies are still found side by side in the ditches, on the high road, or in the brooks, devoured by hyænas or jackals. Poor wretches! they stretch themselves on the ground, wrapped in their rags, their faces covered, and await the last hour, murmuring, 'Allah.' Babies, too, in no small numbers have been picked up, some still fastened on the necks of their dead mothers. This is a sad picture indeed of the famine of 1868, but if it is painful to read, what was it, what is it for us to see ?

"Yours faithfully in Christ, J. B. GINSBURG."

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