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liers, for causing the death of two fellow-workmen by ill treatment, has taken place at Antwerp. A band of those men, headed by one Nessels, appear for a long time to have exercised a most atrocious tyranny over some of their companions. The motives for their cruelty were chiefly religious, the victims being Protestants, and their torturers Romanists. The punishment inflicted was a sort of crucifixion; that is to say, a cross was made by nailing two planks together in the form of an X, to which the sufferers were suspended, bound with cords at their hands and feet, until they should do homage to the Virgin. One of the men who had died, named Steenbergen, had also been burnt with a hot iron, and then plunged in water. This treatment brought on a violent fever, which terminated in death. The ringleader, Nessels, inspired such terror among the other workmen, that when in court, before his gaze, the witness trembled, and hesitated to speak, and the judge at length ordered him to be placed in a position. where he could not see them. The whole of the evidence was given with great reluctance, and several of the witnesses had to be menaced with imprisonment for their wilful reticence. Even a collier named Ceulemans, the father of the second man who had died from the injuries received, only disclosed the names of the men who had exercised the cruelty on his son, on the court promising him protection if he were menaced. The accused were condemned to different terms of imprisonment, with fines in addition varying from 50 to 200 francs."

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DEAR YOUNG FRIENDS,-Weeping, shining, budding April has come again. The budding hedges, the sweet-smelling violets, the modest primroses, and the lovely green of the meadows tell us "the winter is over and past, and the time of the singing of birds is come." This is a scene that surely ought to wake up the energies of your old friend the Gleaner, and draw him out on gleaning excursions; and he is glad to say his gleaning work is no unwelcome task to him. He: can glean ears of corn to fill his bundle when pelting hail or drifting snows shut him in his quiet study, that so many of his dear young friends have helped him to build; but he must own, though he has lived to have a jubilee year, he still retains the love he had from a boy of having no roof over his head but God's blue roof of ether, inlaid with starry brilliants, or lighted to a blaze by the torch of old Sol. He can ramble about his quiet garden, and glean ears of thought for his dear young friends, east, west, north, and south. And thankful he is to those kind friends who send him from time to time plump ears for his bundle, especially sweet accounts of the Lord's dealings with dear young Christians called from earth to heaven in early life. Many such instances of God's mercy to the young have been found in the pages of the GLEANER.

It is very solemn to think how many of the human family die under twenty-five, especially in this country, where diseases of the chest are so common. Dear young reader, ask yourself if you were to die young whether you are prepared to

meet God. You are not prepared to die if you are not born again, for "except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." O dear young reader, it is a life and death question I ask you when I ask you, Are you born again? Those who are born again confess and forsake their sins, feel their need of Jesus, seek Him, and never rest until they can venture their souls upon Him, and put their trust in Him; and, having been enabled to trust Him, they love Him, and seek grace to serve Him. Does this description of those who are born again describe you? It certainly ex

cludes you, if you are still living in and cherishing

your sins, or hoping to be saved by anything you can do, or thinking because Christ has done all, you need not serve Him. The true people of God learn the truth from Jesus as a Prophet, put their whole trust in Jesus as a Priest, and bow their necks to the yoke of Jesus as a King. Remember, you are reading this address on a journey. You have either been travelling to hell or to heaven every moment. If you have not come to Jesus, you cannot be going to heaven, for Jesus is the Way to heaven. I am longing to be made a means of leading my dear young readers to feel they must have Jesus, or perish for ever; for until you feel this, you will never seek Jesus, and it is those who seek Him that shall find Him.

The Lord is very merciful in giving us proofs. He does graciously own our efforts towards the young. It is not many days since we heard of a dear young woman in the last stage of consumption, who says the LITTLE GLEANER was the means of showing her her need of Jesus. Dear reader, whether you feel it or not, "Jesus is the one thing needful, You without Him perish must."

That you may early seek Him and truly find Him is the sincere desire of

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1. One whose heart died within him.

2. The place of the death of the father of the man who was vexed by the wickedness of others.

3. The name of one of the twelve tribes.

4. A place where the royal tribe slew ten thousand


5. A part of the dress of the High Priest.

6. One whom a king sent to reproach the living God.

7. One of the titles of Jesus.

The initials make the name of one of the books of the Bible.

I ask for an answer in rhyme,

Acrostic-wise, too, and send it in time.


By April the twelfth if it reaches my hand,
It may be next month in the GLEANER 'twill stand.
I'm glad of the proofs my letters impart;
Their puzzles are pleasing to many a heart.
I long that my readers, while searching the word,
May learn from its pages the truth of the Lord,
And early receive that gift from the sky
The grace, the forerunner of glory on high.


Truth, honesty, and industry, are the ploughshare that opens a furrow for prosperity to walk in.

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