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know nothing else, nor to hear of any other object or subject, but Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, to-day, and for ever. My brother must be content with this very meagre account of my visits to this dear child. Her disease was dropsy. She was but little on earth for many days before her final exit took place, for which she was fully prepared, and waiting at times momentarily. I am sorry I cannot remember more of the passing remarks that dropped from her quivering lips. I should have been glad if I had taken a little note of them at the time. My memory is not as it used to be, especially since my last voyage home. Such is the little sweet account I send you, and I hope it will be made a blessing to many of the little gleaners; and I am thankful to the Lord that He rebuked His stern disciples, and said, "Suffer the little children to come unto Me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of heaven," and I am grateful to the same compassionate Lord that He has put it into your heart to show in like manner compassion on the ignorant and on them that are out of the way. This dear little one used to watch the months round to have her LITTLE GLEANER. May the Lord very abundantly bless your labours in your different spheres, is the desire and prayer of your affectionate brother in the Lord, SIMEON EMERY. Malmesbury.


AN old man sat in his easy chair. He was alone. His eyes were so dim that he could not read the printed page; he had long ceased to hear any common sound, and it was only in broken whispers that he could hold communion with those around, and often hours passed by in which the silence of

his thought was not broken by an outward voice. He had outlived his generation; one by one the companions of his boyhood and youth had been laid in the grave, until none remained of all those he had once known and loved. To those to whom the future is one bright path of hope, and happiness, and social love, how unenviable seemed his condition, how cheerless his days.

I have said he was alone. A gentle and thoughtful child stole into his silent room, and twined her arm lovingly around his neck. "I feared you would be lonely, dear grandfather," said she, " and so I came to sit awhile with you. Are you not very lonely here, with no one to speak to, nor to love?" The old man paused for a moment, and laid his hand upon the head of the gentle child. "I am never alone, my child," he said; "how can I be lonely? for God is with me; the Comforter comes from the Father to dwell in my soul, and my Saviour is ever near to cheer and instruct me. I sit at His feet, and learn of Him; and though pain and sickness often come to warn me that this earthly house of my tabernacle is soon to be dissolved, I know that there is prepared for me a mansion, the glories of which no tongue can tell, no heart conceive. The love of God is like living water to my soul. May you seek in your youth this fountain, my child, and drink deep of its living waters, and then when your hairs shall be whitened for the grave, when all sources of earthly enjoyment are taken away, you too can say, I am never alone."

"WOE unto him that is alone when he falleth." Dear reader, to fall by death without Christ is to fall into hell.-Ed.



Is it possible that I am again seated to address my dear young friends? It seems a dream that a month is gone by since I rang out my thoughts to my readers in harvest rhyme. It was then harvest. time. It is now in many places harvest-home. Then the fields were white, all ready to harvest; now the dry stubble only is left, and now such scenes as the one in our engraving are being enacted. What a flitting, flying life is the life we are living! How rapidly our dying day is approaching! Happy they who are ready. How uncertain is life! Why, it was only five days after our last issue, that I stood by the grave of a little girl not quite ten years of age, who but ten days before she was buried was in health.* Think, young reader, a grave may be dug for you in less than ten days. Are you ready to go? You must go when the messenger comes, ready or not ready, Oh, to be not ready, how unspeakably awful! Oh, the crowd of miseries that come rushing upon the soul upon the moment of leaving the body without Christ! How terrible to meet the righteous Judge without Christ!


I have heard of a poor woman standing before a judge, who looked round the court, and said, Is there any one here to speak a word for this poor woman?" The woman listened; all held their breath and waited; you might have heard a pin drop, until this solemn stillness was broken by the judge saying, "I must pass the unmitigated sentence of the law." Dear young reader, have you felt your need of an advocate-one to speak

* This day I am to see (D.V.) the open grave of one of our dear Sunday scholars, only nine years of age.

for Jou before God? None but Jesus can do this successfully. He is the great Lemuel that "opens his mouth for the dumb." Oh, is my reader one dumb before God on account of his guilt? This dear Advocate, this wonderful Counseller, Jesus, is proclaimed in the Gospel as the able and willing Friend of all poor, weary, heavy-laden sinners who come to Him, and is one who promises in no wise to cast out a case brought to Him, and committed to His advocacy. Dear reader, never call yourself safe until your poor, lost soul and guilty case is cast by faith into Jesus' hands. And, dear tremblers, who are casting your souls into the hands of Christ daily, feeling you must say— "Other refuge have I none,

Hangs my helpless soul on Thee,"

Oh, seek for God to bless His Word to the so strengthening your faith, that you may stand firm on the ground that truly belongs to you, and say, "I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day." That soul that by living faith is giving itself to Christ in time, was, by the Father's grace, given to Christ before time, and shall be for ever with Christ when time is no more.

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My readers are of three classes-the careless, the coming, and the confiding. The careless I warn, for Scripture warns them: "If ye live after the flesh, ye shall die." The coming I encourage, for Scripture encourages them : "Him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out." And the confiding I congratulate and exhort. Dear young believer, you have found a bond that never breaks, a Friend that never changes, a garment that never waxes old, a treasure that never

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