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DAMP, dark, rainy, stormy November has at length come to complete the tree-stripping work which October began. How short a time it seems since we were on the other side of the summit of 1869! It seems but a few days since we were climbing from the cold dark valley of mid-winter towards the sunny hill-top of midsummer. Since then, how rapidly have we descended towards the depths of another winter! How like our lives! The January of our lives sees us babes; how soon the June of our lives sees us men, and the December of our lives leaves us in the dust from whence we were taken! many never reach the hill-top of life! solemn to think there is a way to the fiery pit of woe from each side of the summit of life's mountain, and all who die without the grace of God must find it! I fear there are many hundreds amongst my readers who have never been born again. All these hundreds are still in the downward path. Not a step is taken upwards towards heaven until the soul is new-born. Dear young friends, one who sighs over your souls longs to be the means of your thinking of your latter end. Time will soon end, eternity never; the pleasures of sin soon pass, but the punishment never passes by. Pain here soon will cease, but the pain of hell never ceases. That is a fire that is never quenched; there is the worm that never dies. I am anxious that all who read the GLEANER shall have the truth put before them with clearness and simplicity; and, oh, that it might sink down into their hearts with power! The truth is this, God is so pure and holy that He hates and

will punish the pollution of sin. You are by nature entirely defiled with sin. Jesus' blood is the open fountain, and the only fountain that can wash away sin. The Gospel that proclaims this fountain is the gracious authority of the sinner who feels his stained condition to come to this fountain; faith is the foot upon which the soul comes and plunges in this fountain; and that faith is not of ourselves, it is the gift of God.

Beware of every other trust but the blood of Jesus, revealed in the word and received by faith. Without the shed blood none could be saved; without faith in the shed blood you cannot be saved. If you wish to know who are the elect, all those are God's elect who come to the bleeding Saviour; and if you wish to know who are not the elect, all those are not the elect who leave the world without having come to the Saviour. "All that the Father

giveth me shall come to me." because ye are not of my sheep."


'Ye believe not

I want my young friends to believe every word of the truth; but I want them to see that the truths that lie next to them, and about which they should be most concerned, are not God's secret decrees, but God's revealed description of their sinful condition, the threats of His law, and the blessed way of peace opened on the cross of Jesus for every lost sinner that flies to Him for salvation. Jesus, my dear young friends, is the only Door of hope, Fountain of life, Bread of the soul, Refuge for the lost, Friend of the destitute, Helper of the helpless, and All-in-all of his dear people. Oh, if you never seek and find Jesus, you will find the wrath of God for your sins; but if you seek and find Him, you will find true joy, peace, and rest for time and for eternity.

How precious the declaration, “Every one that

seeketh findeth." This very morning I have had a new proof of this. I have just learnt the good news that a person who has just departed in consumption, whom I have long visited and prayed for, and who has been seeking with much fear, gave sweet hope that she found that precious Saviour ere she died. If she had this day died Christless, this would have been the commencement of eternal woe; but since she this day died, we hope, in Jesus, this is the commencement of eternal bliss. Hallelujah

The Lord bless the GLEANER to all its readers is the hearty wish of its EDITOR.



30. Nov. 7. Find texts and instances to show that those who come to Jesus are never


31. Nov. 14. Find texts to show what a soul finds who receives Christ.

32. Nov. 21. Find texts to prove believers are safe. 33. Nov. 28. Find texts to prove that believers are the chosen of God.

[We greatly regret that, through an oversight of the printer, these questions were omitted in the October number.-ED.]

A PRAYER OF KING EDWARD VI. "LET me neither follow my own will, nor the fancies of other men, neither let me be beguiled by the masque of old customs, long usages, fathers' decrees, ancient laws, nor anything that fighteth with Thy holy ordinances and blessed commandments; but faithfully believe and stedfastly confess that to be true godliness which is learned in

the Holy Bible, and according unto that, order my life unto the praise of Thy holy name.'

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A clergyman who gives the strength to Popery that he derives from eating protestant bread, calls this young Christian king "the young tiger cub,' and "dear Hugh Latimer," a "persecuting bully,” and our protestant martyrs "miscreant scoundrels," "and villains unredreemed by any Christian virtue." Woe to thee, O land, when thy rulers are so besotted as to pay men to vilify the blood-bought people of God on the one hand, and to teach the Christdenying traitorous doctrines of the Church of Rome on the other. In addition to the yearly thousands paid to Ritualists in the Church of England, the country is paying about £1,000 a day for the direct support of Popery.—ED.


THERE is a little cove at Atlantic City where the waters have washed out a deep hole in the sands at the bottom. The waters above it are as calm as a mill-pond. Beyond is a long beach against which the surf breaks. To look at it, the little sheet of water which lies between, you would think a child might wade across. This season a number of persons have made the attempt. But after a few feet they sink down into a deep pit which the waters have hollowed, as hopelessly lost as if they had fallen into a well. A warning was put over the spot, but there were fool-hardy people who would venture there still.

A lad went down to bathe, when a fancy seized him to cross this strip of water.


"You had better not venture there," said a gentleman who was passing by. 'If you go in you will probably never come out again. A

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