The Difference Between the Church of England, and the Church of Rome: In Opposition to a Late Book, Intituled, An Agreement Between the Church of England, and Church of Rome

Ric. Chiswell, 1687 - 81 pages
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Page 74 - THE Old Testament is not contrary to the New : for both in the Old and New Testament everlasting life is offered to Mankind by Christ, who is the only Mediator between God and Man, being both God and Man.
Page 18 - Scripture contains all things necessary to salvation, so that whatsoever is not read therein, nor may be proved thereby, is not to be required of any man to be believed as an article of the Faith ; or be thought requisite or necessary to salvation.
Page 74 - As the Church of Jerusalem, Alexandria, and Antioch have erred, so also the Church of Rome hath erred, not only in their living and manner of ceremonies, but also in matters of faith.
Page 53 - His body and blood are really contained in the sacrament of the altar under the species of bread and wine, the bread being transubstantiated into the body and the wine into the blood by the power of God...
Page 53 - ... of the wine into the blood, the species only of bread and wine remaining ; which conversion the catholic church most aptly calls tninsubstantiatwn ; let him be accursed.
Page 45 - The next article of the Trent creed is this:— " I most firmly assert, that the images of Christ, " and the ever Virgin Mother of God, and other " saints, are to be had and retained, and that due " honour and veneration are to be given them'.
Page 29 - ... plainly, that the fastings and satisfactory deeds of one man be available to others. Yea, and that holy saints or other virtuous persons may, in measure and proportion of other men's necessities and deservings, allot unto them as well the supererogation of their spiritual works, as those that abound in worldly goods may give alms of their superfluities to them which are in necessity.
Page 55 - ARTICLE XXIX. Of the Wicked which eat not the Body of Chrift in the ufe of the Lord's Supper.
Page 77 - It is a thing plainly repugnant to the Word of God, and the Cuftom of the Primitive Church, to have Public Prayer in the Church, or to Minifter the Sacraments in a Tongue not underfunded of the People.
Page 25 - ... meritorious, and fully worthy of everlasting life : and that thereupon heaven is the due and just stipend, crown, or recompence, which God by his justice oweth to the persons so working by his grace. For he rendereth or repayeth heaven...

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