Afterlife Odyssey: The Mystical Novel About God, Heaven And The Afterlife

iUniverse, 2004 - 376 pages
AFTERLIFE ODYSSEY is a journey through time across God's universe. It follows unassigned souls held in Limbo. Among them is Socrates, whose ghostly soul is trapped in Limbo, a parallel dimension from which his brilliant mind evaluates events on Earth. A compassionate God watches as Socrates tries to solve Earth's greatest crisis.

This suspenseful novel offers long overdue solutions to irrational attitudes. In 2054 AD, alarmed that atomic bombs threaten to destroy Earth and alter the equilibrium of galaxies, God chooses Socrates for a vital mission. His release from Limbo depends on learning Truths hidden for centuries about the Afterlife, Heaven and Hell.

History is basically a bland form of time travel. Discovery of his amazing diary brings to life the best and worst in civilization. He is appalled by what he sees but encouraged that the real afterlife with its many universal secrets, can encourage people to strive for a better world.

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