Considerations on India Affairs: Particularly Respecting the Present State of Bengal and Its Dependencies, Volume 1

J. Almon, 1772 - 412 pages

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Page 130 - God, of Great Britain, France and Ireland, king, defender of the faith, and fo forth; and in the year of our Lord 17—, between the right honourable J.
Page 117 - Third, by the grace of God of the united kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland king, defender of the faith, and in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and five.
Page 193 - Gomastahs, when employed on the Company's investment, frequently make them sign what they please ; and upon the weavers refusing to take the money offered, it has been known...
Page 226 - ... pass upon him, nor condemn him, but by lawful judgment of his peers, or by the law of the land.
Page 14 - They shall continue the zemindars and tenants in their places, regularly collect the revenues of the lands, and deliver them in monthly, for the payment of the expenses of the Company and the pay of the above mentioned forces, that they may be always ready cheerfully and vigorously to promote the affairs of the King. Let this be punctually observed.
Page 193 - The roguery practised in this department is beyond imagination ; but all terminates in the defrauding of the poor weaver; for the prices which the Company's Gomastahs, and in confederacy with them the Jachendars...
Page 36 - Shitabroy, or whomsoever His Majesty may think proper to nominate, that it may be forwarded by him to the Court. But in case the territories of the aforesaid Nabob should be invaded by any foreign enemy, a deduction is then to be made out of the stipulated revenues, proportionable to the damage that may be sustained.
Page 160 - Affigns, or of any other Perfon or Perfons whatfoever, lawfully claiming, or to claim, by, from or under him, them or any of them ; (Brovifo that PS may leave the Premifles at the End of feven Years, on giving Notice.) In Witnefs, &c.
Page 29 - Majefties promife to obferve fincerely, and bond fide, all the articles contained and eftablifhed in the prefent treaty; and they will not fuffer the fame to be infringed, directly or indirectly, by their...
Page 19 - In truth (says this author), it would be almost cruelty to molest this happy people ; for in this district are the only vestiges of the beauty, purity, piety, regularity, equity, and strictness of the ancient Hindostan government.

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