God's Divine Will: The Restoration of His People

Tate Publishing & Enterprises, 1 avr. 2007 - 149 pages
Man must yield to a deep and abiding relationship, where the giving of oneself is mutual-God to man and man to God. This is the only method for an individual to grow to a place of peace and wholeness of being. "God's Divine Will: The Restoration of His People" is based on some of the most influential writings ever granted to men. If walking by the glorious standard of the Lord is your highest aim, the insights of this book are offered for you to be able to achieve the fullness of peace you so desire. From the time he was a young boy, the longing of the author's heart has always been to do great and mighty things for God. As an untrained and inexperienced child, his goal was to become rich so as to help those in need. He yearned to be like a super hero who could stop wars and bring peace to places ruined by violence. He prayed for miracles of healing to restore the sick and afflicted. While years have deepened his understanding for the truth and the fullness of the Word of God, the longing of his heart remains set on those things great and mighty. Today, his desire is to seek the will of the Father, so he may live as a blessing to all. This, he knows, is where the true desires of the heart are fulfilled and the Father stands well pleased.

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