Out of Weakness, Made Strong

Tate ub. & Enterprises, 2007 - 133 pages
The impact of God on a human life transforms the impossible to the possible. "Out of Weakness, Made Strong" encourages each of us to look at our Creator and trust Him to make the astounding changes He has promised for our hearts and lives. Change is defined in terms of the old becoming new, sadness exchanged for joy, and purposelessness given a glorious destination. Discover in the midst of your failings and frailties the truth of "Out of Weakness, Made Strong"! 'This is a book full of hope, a wonderful reminder that God is good and such an encouragement to my heart! I cannot recall reading a book with such a clear and solid message of the Father's love for us. It would be great for small group study.' Suzanne Jacobs Traverse City, Michigan

À propos de l'auteur (2007)

Author Karen S. Reimer considers writing words of encouragement, infused with Biblical concepts and scriputures, to be one of her greatest joys in life. She holds a B.A. Degree in Intercultural Studies, however, her credentials for writing this book are God's grace and answered prayers. Karen gratefully enjoys the honor the Lord has given her to love and raise her son, Kurt, in their California home.

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