The Repeal of the Public Worship Regulation Act: A Letter to the Right Hon. Lord Cairns, P.C., LL.D., Lord High Chancellor of England

Thomas Bosworth, 1877 - 41 pages
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Page 17 - WILL you then give your faithful diligence always so to minister the Doctrine and Sacraments, and the Discipline of Christ, as the Lord hath commanded, and as this Church and Realm hath received the same...
Page 40 - That We are Supreme Governor of the Church of England: and that if any Difference arise about the external Policy, concerning the Injunctions, Canons, and other Constitutions whatsoever thereto belonging, the Clergy in their Convocation is to order and settle them, having first obtained leave under Our Broad Seal so to do ; and We approving their said Ordinances and Constitutions ; providing that none be made contrary to the Laws and Customs of the Land.
Page 28 - France, since her revolution, is under the sway of a sect, whose leaders have deliberately, at one stroke, demolished the whole body of that jurisprudence which France had pretty nearly in common with other civilized countries.
Page 32 - If we follow the Erastian idea, it does not matter what God we worship, or how we worship Him, provided we derive both belief and worship from the civil ruler, or hold them subject to his orders. Many most respectable persons have been, or have thought themselves to be, Erastians...
Page 25 - York, hereinafter called the judge. " If the said archbishops shall not, within six months after the passing of this Act, or within six months after the occurrence of any vacancy in the office...
Page 33 - GOD, On the ninth day of February last, with reference to the Warning Clauses in the Athanasian Creed, you deliberately in the presence of your assembled Suffragans made the following portentous declaration : " We do not, — there is not a soul in this room who does, — nobody in the Church of England takes them in their plain and literal sense.
Page 3 - An Act for the better administration of the Laws respecting the regulation of Public Worship.
Page 32 - ... in a state of transition, who have received the shock which has driven them from their original base, but have not yet found a region suited to restore to them their equilibrium, a fluid of the same specific gravity with themselves. I take no notice of the system termed Erastian. It can hardly, as far as I see, be called a system of or concerning religious thought at all. Its centre of gravity is not within the religious precinct. The most violent Ultramontane, the most determined Agnostic, may...
Page 11 - It will be an evil day for England when the Civil Power engages in a conflict with the Church of God, and proclaims war against the ministers of God.
Page 10 - Christ, in all jurisdiction which is of a coercive characland. ter, whether spiritual or temporal, over all persons and in all causes, ecclesiastical as well as civil, is vested in the sovereign.

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