A Look at Psalms: A Look at Psalms With Martin

AuthorHouse, 26 déc. 2003 - 556 pages

Mike Greyson is hired to search for the Fountion of Youth across the length and breadth of the universe by a power crazy tycoon, who wants to live longer. Forty-three years later, Mike finds the fountain on the planet Rhooth. He takes a bath in the fountain losing 43 years of his age, regressing to the age of 30. He notifies Marlon the tycoon, who is now 151 years old to come at once, the fountain is waiting. Marlon and his staff of doctors, nurses, and goons speed to Rhooth where Marlon takes a bath in the fountain, saving his life.

Marlon's head goon Gordon Terry, and his other goons sticks up the fountain manager. Marlon stays in the fountain while all of his people take a bath, then he comes out. Marlon stayed in the fountain longer than anybody in the history of Rhooth.

Marlon and his people go back to earth. Mike goes with them.

There are radical changes in Marlon and his people as they regress to an earlier age, loosing their hair and teeth and old skin.

Mike begins to wonder what Marlon and Terry will do with the knowledge of the fountain? Will they use the knowledge for good or evil? He doesn't know, but he becomes suspicious.

Marlon and his people decide to stay in space orbiting earth until they grow new hair and teeth. Marlon sends Mike to earth to get his other spaceship for more room for the people and for supplies. Mike leaves and gets the spaceship then he decides to steal it and run to Rhooth for safety, which he does, but Marlon is watching and shoots a missile at him which narrowly misses him as he jumps into Ultra space. Marlon follows Mike but can't find him in Ultra Space, the strange space which allows quick travel through the vastness of space.

Mike goes back to Rhooth and take another bath in the fountain, regressing to age ten.

A few years later Victor Marlon and his goons come to Rhooth looking for Mike and lots of revenge. Marlon wants to meet with Mike. They do so in the office of Lorth, the fountain manager, who has to shoot Marlon, knocking him down to keep him from attacking Mike.

At this time Marlon learns that he will not stop growing younger and smaller. He rages around in a fury so the Rhoothians kick him off of their planet. Marlon leaves and goes back to earth where he sends paid killers to seek out and kill Mike. Mike sells his space ship and buys another one and goes trading throughout the universe, he has to make a living. Mike meets a girl of about 10, new age, they go together to test their compatibility, it's good so they trade through the spaceways then they get married.

In the meantime, Marlon's killers keep looking for Mike, but they never find him.

Years later Marlon, his nurse, and Gordon Terry, his chief goon bring Marlon back to Rhooth. Marlon has lost most of his enormous wealth except for his space yacht.

Victor Marlon is now a baby in a crib. Will he stop growing backwards? Will he begin to grow forward again?

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