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ing them a Senfe not only which has no relation at all to them, but even what is quite contrary to their truc Intent and real Meaning; thus, for instance, they may, if they fo fancy, interpret a Sieve to fignify a Court Lady, a lame Dog an Invader, the Plague a stand ing Army, a Buzzard agreat Statesman, the Gout a High Priest, a Chamber-pot a Committee of Grandees, a Broom a Revolution, a Moufe-trap an Employment, a Bottomlefs-pit a Treasury, a Sink a Court, a Cap and Bells a Favourite, a broken Reed a Court of Justice, an empty Tun a General, a running Sore an Admini ftration.

BUT fhould this Method fail, recourfe might be had to others more effectual, by Learned Men called Acrofticks and Anagrams. First, might be, found Men of Skill and Penetration who can discern that all initial Letters have political Meanings. Thus N fhall fignify a


Plot, B a Regiment of Horfe, La Fleet at Sea. Or fecondly, by tranfpofing the Letters of the Alphabet in any fufpected Paper, who can discover the deepest Defigns of a discontented Party. So for example, if I fhould fay in a Letter to at Friend, Our Brother Tom bás just got the Piles, a Man of Skill in this Art would discover how the fame Letters which compofe that Sentence, may be analysed into the following Words; Refift

-The Tour.

a Plot is brought Home
And this is the Anagrammatick Method.

THE Profeffor made me great Acknow ledgments for communicating these Obfervations, and promifed to make ho. nourable mention of me in his Treatife.

I faw nothing in this Country that could invite me to a longer. Continuance, and began to think of returning home to England.



The Author leaves Lagado, arrives at Maldonada. No Ship ready.


takes a fhort Voyage to Glubbdubdrib. His Reception by the Governor.


HE Continent of which this

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Kingdom was a part, extends it felf, as I have reafon to believe, Eastward to that unknown Tract of America, Weftward of California, and North to the Pacifick Ocean, which is not above a hundred and fifty Miles from Lagado, where there is a good Port, and much Com. merce with the great Island of Luggnagg, fituated to the North-Weft about 29 Degrees North Latitude, and 140 Longi tude. This Ifland of Luggnagg ftands South

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South-Eastwards of Japan about an hundred Leagues diftant. There is a ftrict Alliance between the Japanese Emperor and the King of Luggnagg, which affords frequent Opportunities of failing from one Inland to the other. I determined therefore to direct my Course this way, in order to my return to Europe. I hired two Mules with a Guide to fhew me the way, and carry my fmall Baggage. I took leave of my noble Protector, who had fhewn me fo much Favour, and made me a generous Prefent at my departure.

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My Journey was without any Accident or Adyenture worth relating. When I arrived at the Port of Maldonada, (for fo it is called) there was no Ship in the Harbour bound for Luggnagg, nor like to be in fome time. The Town is about as large as Portsmouth. I foon fell into fome Acquaintance, and was very hofpitably received. A Gentleman of Distinction faid to



that fince the Ships bound for Luggnagg Could not be ready in less than a Month, it might be no difagrecable Amusement for me to take a Trip to the little Ifland of Glubbdubdribb, about five Leagues off to the South-Weft. He offered himself and a Friend to accompany me, and that I should be provided with a small convenient Barque for the Voyage.

GLUBBDUBDRIBB, as nearly as I can interpret the Word, fignifies the Ifland of Sorcerers or Magicians. It is about one third as large as the Isle of Wight, and extremely fruitful: It is governed by the Head of a certain Tribe, who are all Magicians. This Tribe marries only among cach other, and the eldeft in Succeffion is Prince or Gover

He hath a noble Palace, and a Park of about three thousand Acres, furrounded by a Wall of hewn Stone twenty Foot high. In this Park are feveral fmaller Inclosures for Cattle, Corn, and Gardening.


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