In Search of Heaven, the Eternal Life

AuthorHouse, 2003 - 228 pages
Can medicine, science and faith finally come together and prove what lies beyond death? Have the scientists of today found proper evidences that reveal the existence of our souls, Heaven and God? If so, where is Heaven? What does it consist of? And most importantly, has anyone really gone there and returned to tell us about it in this day and age? These and many other profound questions ranging from the Meaning to Life and those associated with the religious teachings found in the Dead Sea Scrolls, along with how the image was formed in the Shroud of Turin, are answered in this book. There are billions upon billions of people in our world who are seekers of truth, want clarity, and are willing to go the extra mile in finding it. If you were one of these seekers, would you not prefer the correct answers to your spiritual questions be based upon someone's experience who has actually been in Heaven, rather than ignorant intellectual hearsay? Many religious teachings from each of the world's religions (Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and alike), have undoubtedly influenced every aspect of our lives for over 2,000 years. The information shared from these teachings seem to have only been half-truths, which has led to our current chaotic world. With this in mind, maybe it is time we all re-educate ourselves by taking a look at new information that will finally clear up,100% of all the misunderstandings, misconceptions and controversies surrounding all religious teachings of all faiths? With the author's extensive research in the fields of medicine, science and theology, you could find that this book may one day be the "Second Savior" for mankind as it becomes the second most read book in the world; the first being the Bible of each faith. It proves once and for all that Jesus, Heaven, God and Eternal Life are not philosophical conceptions any longer, but realities based on the most undeniable medical, scientific and Biblical evidences ever recorded in human history, thus making it the most sought after book in the world!

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