The Cultural Collapse of America and the World

David Siriano Ministries, 30 juin 2022 - 384 pages
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The Cultural Collapse of America and the World will explore:

  • How the social systems of the United States and the world collapse
  • How First Amendment rights, homosexuality, and abortion are tearing our nation apart
  • Why the Middle East remains unsettled to this day
  • How Einstein's E=mc2 was used to create the world
  • The effects of earthquakes in the world and future disasters in California
  • Why politics and morality are strange bedfellows
  • Why the United Nations will leave the United States
  • The importance of World Wars I and II, the Korean Conflict, and the Vietnam War
  • Why George Bush has brought us to the "burning bush"
  • The future of 21st Century Internet warfare
  • Is there a master plan for the world that is designed by God?
  • Will there be an Armageddon?

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À propos de l'auteur (2022)

David Siriano is a graduate of Zion (Northpoint) Bible College in Haverhill, Massachussets, and has his degree in Bible. He served as a pastor in the New England states and in New York for forty-five years until 2008. No longer pastoring, he now travels with his wife, Elsa May, as he conducts End Times Bible Prophecy seminars nationwide.

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