Overcoming the Dictators of the Soul

Xulon Press, 2007 - 156 pages
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Overcoming the Dictators of the Soul - Lusts & Addictions Deep in our soul are hidden various aspects of lusts and addictions. Our lusts are many, ranging from the things we like, desire, or feel the urge to fulfill. Our addictions are fewer, as we concentrate on additive habits that we feel are of necessity. We have to face and deal with our lusts and addictions harshly because as dictators they have a powerful grip on us. The force and goal of our lusts and addictions is to destroy us rather than fulfilling our desires. In the end, they take away the security we seek. While we with God's help can control lusts, addictions have to be broken. This book goes beyond a look at the forces behind lusts and addictions to an understanding of how to overcome and maintain victory over any force of destruction. Learn God's secrets to overcoming the dictators connected with your life. Robert A. Hanson has served as pastor of Bible Baptist Church in Plymouth, Massachusetts for thirty-five years. He also served as senior chaplain for Plymouth County Jail and Correctional Facility for twenty-two years. The Church under his ministry has enjoyed the blessing of seeing a number enter the ministry with ten serving as Pastors. Robert received his education at Providence Barrington Bible College, Talbot Theological Seminary, Los Angeles Theological Seminary, and The Graduate School of Theology in California. Beyond pastoring four churches in New England and California, he has taught in both college and seminary. His travels have taken him to many parts of the world including India as part of an extension-teaching ministry. Robert and his wife Barbara conduct "Straight to the Heart" and "Road to Renewal" conferences in various churches. The Hansons have five children and seventeen grandchildren.

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Special Appreciation
Dark Secret Screaming Lust
Destructive Characteristics of Lust
Defined Consequences of Lust
Dealing with Lust Gods Way
Designed Scripture Attacks Lust
What Actions Lead to an Addiction?
What Help is there for the Addict? Part II
What are Gods Secrets for Total Victory?
What are Gods Secrets to Maintain Freedom?
Sexual Sin in the Church
The Believers New Nature
Three Key Words
Helpful V Principle
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What Steps Lead to an Addiction?

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