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A New Year's Meditation.

men are travellers upon earth, whose days are as a shadow. View them in every situation and condition, and you will find this to be an irrefutable truth. Here verily we have no abiding place. Through this world we merely pass, as the way to another. If we become strongly attached to life, as if it would always continue; if we strike our roots deep in the earth, flattering ourselves that we will successfully resist the attacks of time, we prepare for ourselves bitter sorrow, and agonizing regret.

Sin hath produced this melancholy state of things. By it, we are put under the ban of God's empire, and wander up and down among the tombs in this dying world, not knowing how soon his arm will reach us, and bring and bring us before him, to account for our deeds. We are driven from the presence of God, into the world cursed for our sakes, and must toil among thorns and thistles for our support and convenience. Every thing around us is subject to change, and transient in its nature. Lover and friend are removed from us, and our acquaintance drop into darkness. Generations have already gone to the land of forgetfulness, and generations are going. All that we see, all that we experience, al. that we anticipate, prove that here we have no home, but are travellers on the earth, whose journey is abridged

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