Layers: A Collection of Psalms and Scriptures

Xlibris Corporation, 1 nov. 2005 - 252 pages
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Layers is a collection of Psalms and Scriptures organized by daily life themes that inspire us and help us realize our desires though prayer. The concept of Layers emerges from the way that most of us read the Bible; by marking our favorite passages and returning to them when we have specific needs or longings. In Layers, similar scriptures have been grouped and classified by main subjects areas such as forgiveness, thanks, grief, as well as other matters that we deal with in day to day life. These themes have been further categorized by the Bible's messages that inspire more purpose-driven and fulfilled living. Throughout this book, each psalm, Bible story, scripture, and parable is preceded by a brief introduction to help guide the reading of the materials in each collection. In addition, this book includes three appendices containing useful facts, general references, and historical information to assist in the reading of each collection. Layers highlights the different messages that are embedded in the Psalms; collects the most wonderful stories of the Old Testament; comprises a series of fundamental passages from the New Testament; and introduces the parables told by our Lord Jesus. The book highlights the most powerful passages in the Bible for use in the daily life and its challenges. It is easy to navigate and find specific passages of the Bible for specific needs. It is also designed to provide comfort to those in need and bring joy to those who delight in the word of God. Layers presents four collections -- Psalms, Bible Stories, Scriptures, and Parables -- that allow the reader to have quick access to most relevant, inspirational, and memorable passages of the Bible.

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