"Jesus Christ: The Eternal Rock of Ages"

In his authorship of the current book "Jesus Christ: The Eternal Rock of Ages", Prof. Jacob Oguntomilade brought to the fore the analytical nature of his primary profession in Engineering; additional his knowledge of Science, Geography, Philosophy and Theology did much to enhance the quality of the work. His main thrust is the structural analogy these where he uses the Earth's central crust to demonstrate successfully analogously the many faceted eternal truths of the Lord Jesus Christ as foundational, fundamental, crucial, and germaine respectively to Creation, to Covenants, to Salvation, to the Jesus revolutionary History, to Biblical History, to Church History as well as World History. The approach is excitingly unique very thrilling, and most delightful. The very peak of the presentation occurs in Chapters Seven and Eight where the seemingly intimidating illustrations bring clarity of understanding to the reader as it makes the work not only classical and analytical, but also demonstrative and comparative as well as utterly convincing that the Lord Jesus Christ is the spiritual Eternal Rock of all Ages. Intellectualism and Science must not be perceived as always rebelling against God; rather it is here used to edify the scriptural truth which God has revealed for the sanctification and salvation of man. Here Science is used not to tamper with the scriptural truth in the interest of any perceived human opinion; and intellectualism is not here substituting the folly of man for the wisdom of God. Indeed here the knowledge of Engineering and Structures has been utilized to bring glory to God. Earlier in the book Prof. Oguntomilade has clearly highlighted the three stages of the existence of the Lord Jesus: his pre-incarnate existence form eternal past; 33years on earth which is part of his incarnated, existence, and the post resurrection existence which infinitely extends to New Jerusalem.

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