The Blossoming God

Xlibris Corporation, 29 oct. 2006 - 176 pages
The Blossoming God is a book of awakening and enlightenment that Christians have been yearning to find. Contains powerful meditations and statements of spiritual truth from an experienced missionary. Well-grounded advice on how to reach the heights of spiritual life. Reconnects modern spiritual concepts such as Mind and oneness to their roots in early Christianity. Insights into metaphysics as well as the blossoming effects of process theology. Gain an understanding of the nature of reality that will greatly assist your walk in Christ and your prayer life. Joshua offers a clear and deep view of God and Man. Come to new realizations and enhance your faith with a better understanding of the whole picture. Joshua explains the Incarnation and Resurrection with a depth that few offer. Drawing on his studies in Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox theology, New Thought metaphysics and Process Theology, Joshua takes you to the core teachings of Christianity. Go beyond good and evil to discover the essence of God and humanity. Learn the real nature of Cause and Effect as well as True Action. Find oneness and union with God.

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The OriginThe Birthing Principle
The WordThe
The Holy Spirit
SoulDivine WisdomThe Intellectual Realm
CausationThe Divine Judge
What Happened on the CrossThe Incarnation
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An experience Christian missionary, Joshua has worked with 20 different denominations and has studied with 30 denominations in an effort to gain as much understanding as possible. Most of his career has been spent in the Southwest U.S., Mexico and Central America helping those in need, praying for the sick, and spreading the good news of the kingdom. He also has worked in the outdoors as a wilderness guide, and uses those experiences in his writing. He currently lives in a small village in New Mexico, where he writes about the principles of Christianity and continues to participate in volunteer missions along the Mexican border.

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