I Shall See Heaven

Lulu Enterprises Incorporated, 2007 - 104 pages
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I Shall See Heaven studies 100 scriptures that prove salvation is Eternal. Thus, once man has accepted that blood to cover their sins, they are stained (like blood on the doorposts) to cover their sins and ensure protection from God's wrath. And the seed of faith (a gift of God) is without repentance and will remain until the day they die. Though they may stumble, they will not fall but will, like Peter sinking in the water, find a God reaching out to pull them up again. This book studies Scriptures of this security that every true believer has. This book contains, in addition to the before mentioned study: quotes from literary figures like Dickinson, Pope, and Shakespeare; doctrinal positions of the major denominations supporting the theology of this book; quotes from major theological figures like Whitfield and Calvin; and poetry and scriptures of Heaven, our Eternal Reward.

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