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Are you having trouble choosing a baby name? Do your parents want to follow a family tradition? Does your partner love unusual baby names? Do you want a range of boys baby names? Or do you just need some inspiration for your baby name?

Choosing a name for your newborn can be a challenge. Family, in-laws, friends and countless others all want to be involved in giving your new baby a perfect name.

Naming your baby is one of the first things you give your newborn, so it's right to think long and hard about the name that you and your partner choose. If you're struggling for inspiration Baby Names 2014 provides you with over 8,000 names, separated by boys and girls names and all listed with their meanings. So whether your baby is a Joel or Jamel, Helena or Heidi, you'll be able to find the perfect name in Baby Names 2014. Packed with a range of traditional and unusual baby names, split between girls baby names and baby boys names, Baby Names 2014 provides you with inspiration for a modern, classic or unique baby name.

As well as thousands of names to choose from Baby Names 2014 includes the year's most popular names, celebrity choices and trends for 2014, plus great tips and advice on choosing a baby name.

Inside you'll find:
  • Thousands of inspirational names to browse, with origin and meaning for each one
  • Dozens of top baby names with lists of the best, worst and weirdest names from around the world
  • Trends for 2014, such as the rise in alternative spellings for traditional names
  • Practical tips on choosing a name, registering the birth and dealing with family expectations
  • Recent and expected celebrity babies, including the Royal baby.

Baby Names 2014 provides the inspiration so you can choose the perfect baby name.

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