Single Dose: Finding Peace, Fulfillment, and Contentment Being Single

Single Dose, 18 sept. 2007 - 168 pages
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Single life can be fun! "Single Dose" will show you how to move out of a life of inconsistent satisfaction and on to a life of daily fulfillment.

You may or may not find Mr. or Ms. Right. Whether or not you do, it is up to you to enjoy the place in life you re in right now. Whether single by divorce, death, choosing to be single, or just not having met that special someone yet, "Single Dose" gives you practical, realistic, and Christian-based advice on how to live a fun and fulfilling life.

Each chapter includes realistic points of view regarding issues that singles face on a regular basis. You'll take a look at some of the more common situations that singles face. Sometimes you may not know where to start when dealing with tough decisions and challenges. "Single Dose" provides specific action steps to take to move forward in those areas. The answer for any question or struggle in life can be found in the bible. "Single Dose" includes scripture references from a Christian point of view for biblical instruction and support. For times when you don't know what to say when you talk to God, suggested words to use when praying for God's direction are given. In addition, the book ends with a list of Frequently Asked Questions that are commonly asked among singles with candid answers from the author.

Allow the lessons in "Single Dose" to become a reality in your heart. Start moving forward now to a life of fulfillment and enjoyment."


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Changing Your MindSet
Moving Forward
Managing the Grief of Divorce
Managing Anger and Unforgiveness
Managing Low SelfEsteem
Losing Your Mind?
Managing Loneliness
Single Parenting
Establishing Your Individuality
Starting a Devotion Time with God
Approaching the Dating Scene
Resisting Sexual Temptation
Frequently Asked Questions
The Booster Shot
Suggested Resources

Managing Your Money

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