The Family of Zaccheus Gould of Topsfield

Thos. P. Nichols, 1895 - 351 pages
Zaccheus Gould (1589-1668) immigrated during or before 1639 from England to Weymouth, Massachusetts, and shortly moved to Lynn, Massachusetts. He later moved to Ipswich and then Topsfield, Massachusetts. Descendants and relatives lived in New England, New York, Ohio and elsewhere. Includes Gould ancestry and genealogical data in England to 1455 A.D.

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Page 37 - Smith, herewith sent you for high treason ; and you are to keep him safe and close until he shall be delivered by due course of law; and for so doing this shall be your sufficient warrant.
Page 38 - In contempt of our said Lord the King and his laws, to the evil and pernicious example of all others in the like case offending, and against the peace of our said Lord the King, his crown and dignity.
Page 39 - August 23, 1686. $ May it please your Lordship. By the blessing of God and your Lordship's favour, I have performed his Majesty's commands, and brought this people to a nearer dependence upon the Crown. I have likewise served 2 writs of Quo Warranto, upon the other 2 Colonies of Connecticut and Rhode Island, who are preparing to make their humble submission to his Majesty. But unless his Majesty please, in a very short time, to send us over a General Governor "from England, all that is already done,...
Page 17 - In testimony that this is my last Will and Testament, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this...
Page 37 - In the most contemptuous and disrespectful manner: these are therefore to authorise and require you to take into your Custody the Body of the said John McArthur.
Page 25 - ... the said Zacheus Gould for himself saith that for one days trayning this yeare he was much damnnfyed in his hay. And fforasmuch as fishermen upon just grounds are exempted from trayning because their trade is also for the Common wealth...
Page 36 - able and sober ministers, and we will contribute largely to their maintenance ; but one thing will mainly help, when no marriages shall hereafter be allowed lawful, but such as are made by the ministers of the Church of England...
Page 38 - If the Country was of his mind, they would keep Salem Court with the former Magistrates, and if the Country would go the Rounds, he would make the first, and would go and keep Salem Court, and would have his Company down to do it. And, further, he, the said John Gould as aforesaid...
Page 26 - Gould and William Howard of Topsfield, the Court doth grant that Topsfield shall henceforth be a town.
Page i - During these sixteen years, the town, church and county records of New England have been laboriously and extensively scrutinized, and such opportunities as have been found for obtaining information from special family records have been improved, until the results of the investigation, which at the beginning was prompted by personal curiosity alone, have attained a magnitude that confers upon them an interest of much wider range.

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