Worthy to Open the Seal of Revelation

AuthorHouse, 12 sept. 2006 - 248 pages
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This book is written for information and truth about the twenty two

        chapters of Revelation revealing its full contents of divine truth.

        With an open mind and a ear to hear and a heart to recieve you are

        finally set free. The living Christ is worthy to open the seals of

        his own History, His-Story. This book should be read by everyone that

        is seeking divine truth. Most people try to interpret with their own

        understanding and will not let the master speak. Its about our savior

        and not your story. There is no input or conjecture in this book by

        the author. This book will reveal to you what has been preached and the

        errors you were persuaded to believe. Now you will know the truth and

        this acurate knowledge of truth will indeed set you free. Every phrase

        and word is back up by scripture so that you dont need mans interpretation

        any longer. Since there are many false prophets among you, reading this

        book will give you insight into the fathers word and council.You must

        get your house in order in view of the times. Katrina was a sign and

        wakeup call. We have a money bought congregation and not a blood bought

        congregation.  For this reason there is no transformation and also while

        your mind set is on getting out of here the world is going to hell in a

        hand basket. Wake up my people and REPENT for the SEALS are now open.

        Give him praise and glory Amen. Amen. Amen.


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À propos de l'auteur (2006)

As a completed spiritual Jew through faith in his Messiah Frank J. Laieski Sr. has devoted the past fifteen years to intense spiritual study, prayer and a great relationship with his Savior. Throughout Frank’s intense study he has found many vital truths hidden in the holy Hebraic root of the divine scriptures which have been obscured under the traditions of men and their belief system. With a pure heart and motive and a passionate love for the Almighty and His immutable truths, Frank has dedicated his life to help others find their God, so that they also may love him with all their hearts, mind, soul and spirit. He has successfully led many brethren to the uncompromised word of truth and holiness. He has also conducted many bible studies and a radio program in 1993.

As a true believer bringing the reconciliation of both camps [Jews and Gentiles alike] into one new man thereby preparing a righteous remnant who will know and worship the eternal father in spirit and in truth.

As an ordained minister in the year of March 1987 to this current year Frank has been involved in writing many spiritual books. His devotion is to bring others to the saving grace that they may begin to share these divine truths written for us in the foundational and pure holy Hebrew roots of scripture using as tools this companion Workbook and study guide. Its history His-Story. Amen Amen. Amen.

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