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Ulliver's Travels.

G The publisher to the reader

Gulliver's letter to his coufin Sympfon



Chap. I. The author gives fome account of himself and fami-
ly. His first inducements to travel. He is fhipwrecked, and
fwims for his life; gets fafe on fhore in the country of Lil-
liput, is made a prifoner, and carried up the country
Chap. II. The Emperor of Lilliput, attended by feveral of the
nobility, comes to fee the author in his confinement. The
Emperor's perfon and habit described. Learned men appoint-
ed to teach the author their language. He gains favour by
his mild disposition. His pockets are fearched, and his sword
and piftols taken from him

Chap. III. The author diverts the Emperor and his nobility of
both fexes in a very uncommon manner. The diverfions of
the court of Lilliput defcribed. The author has his liberty
granted him upon certain conditions
Chap. IV. Mildendo, the metropolis of Lilliput, defcribed, to-
gether with the Emperor's palace. A converfation between
the author and a principal secretary concerning the affairs of
that empire. The author's offers to ferve the Emperor in his


Chap. V. The author, by an extraordinary ftratagem, prevents
an invafion. A high title of honour is conferred upon him.
Ambaffadors arrive from the Emperor of Blefufcu, and fue
for peace. The Emprefs's apartment on fire by an accident;
the author inftrumental in faving the reft of the palace
Chap. VI. Of the inhabitants of Lilliput; their learning, laws,
and cuftoms, the manner of educating their children. The
author's way of living in that country. His vindication of a
great lady.

Chap. VII. The author, being informed of a defign to accuse
him of high treason, makes his escape to Blefufcu. His re-
ception there

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Chap. VIII. The author, by a lucky accident, finds means
to leave Blefufcu; and, after some difficulties, returns safe
to his native country


Chap. I. A great ftorm described, the long-boat fent to fetch

water, the author goes with it to difaover the country. He is

left on thore, is feized by one of the natives, and carried to a

farmer's houfe. His reception, with feveral accidents that

happened there. A defcription of the inhabitants

Chap. II. A description of the farmer's daughter. The author

carried to a market-town, and then to the metropolis. The

particulars of his journey

Chap. III. The author fent for to court. The Queen buys him

of his mafter the farmer, and prefents him to the King. He

difputes with his Majefty's great scholars. An apartment at

court provided for the author. He is in high favour with the

Queen. He ftands up for the honour of his own country.

His quarrels with the Queen's dwarf

Chap. IV. The country defcribed. A propofal for correcting

modern maps. The King's palace, and fome account of the

metropolis. The author's way of travelling. The chief

temple defcribed

Chap. V. Several adventures that happened to the author. The

execution of a criminal. The author fhews his fkill in navi-


Chap. VI. Several contrivances of the author to please the King

and Queen. He fhews his fkill in mufic. The King inquires.

into the ftate of England, which the author relates to him.

The King's obfervations thereon

Chap. VII. The author's love of his country. He makes a pro-

pofal of much advantage to the King, which is rejected. The

King's great ignorance in politics. The learning of that coun-

try very imperfect and confined. The laws, and military af-

fairs, and parties in the ftate

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