A Tour Through the Whole Island of Great Britain: Divided Into Circuits Or Journeys, Volume 2

S. Birt, T. Osborne, 1748
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Page 263 - The Castle of BLENHEIM was founded by Queen ANNE, In the Fourth Year of her Reign, In the Year of the Christian /Era 1705. A Monument designed to perpetuate the Memory of the Signal Victory Obtained over the French and Bavarians, Near the Village of Blenheim, , On the Banks of the Danube...
Page 250 - ... and well-contrived arbours; but, notwithstanding this is much more admired by strangers than the other, the outer garden is become the general rendezvous of gentlemen and ladies every Sunday evening in summer...
Page 263 - Acquired an Influence, Which no Rank, no Authority can give, Nor any Force, but that of superior Virtue ; Became the fixed important Centre, Which united in one common Cause The principal States of...
Page 265 - Traerbach, were taken. In the course of one Campaign, the very Nature of the War was changed.' The Invaders of other States were reduced to defend their own.
Page 18 - Taunton clothing region, that 'there was not a child in the town or in the villages round it of above five years old, but, if it was not neglected by its parents and untaught, could earn its bread.
Page 102 - But tho' by the new buildings after the fire, much ground was given up, and left unbuilt, to inlarge the streets, yet 'tis to be observed, that the old houses stood severally upon more ground, were much larger upon the flat, and in many places, gardens and large yards about them, all which, in the new buildings, are, at least, contracted, and the ground generally built up into other houses, so that notwithstanding all the ground given up for beautifying the streets, yet there are many more houses...
Page 128 - He further proposed to rebuild all the parish churches in such a manner as to be seen at the end of every vista of houses, and dispersed at such distances from each other as to appear neither too thick nor thin in prospect, but give a proper heightening to the whole bulk of the city as it filled the landscape.
Page 231 - Livelihood, He hunted not after Fame, Yet acquired it; Regardlefs of the Praife of his Friends, But moft fenfible of their Love. Tho' he liv'd amongft the Great, He neither learnt nor flatter'd any Vice.
Page 264 - III. beheld this formidable Union of two Great, and once Rival Monarchies. At the End of a Life spent in defending the Liberties of Europe, He saw them in their greatest Danger.
Page 355 - Tho' this county be so mountainous, provisions are exceeding plentiful, and also very good all over the county; nor are these mountains useless, even to the city of London, as I have noted of other counties; for from hence they send yearly, great herds of black cattle to England, and which are known to fill our fairs and markets, even that of Smithfield it self.

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