Writing in Action

Routledge, 1996 - 223 pages

Writing in Action provides a step-by-step, practical guide to the process of writing. Although the emphasis is on creative writing, fiction, poetry and drama, it also covers autobiographical writing, the writing of reports and essays. Because this is a book about process, rather than product, Writing in Action also looks at the practice of adaptation and editing.
Writing in Action:

  • shows new writers how to get started
  • develops the confidence of more experienced writers
  • encourages experimentation and creativity
  • stimulates critical awareness through inclusion of illustrative texts
  • encourages writing as a skill, as well as an art-form

Writing in Action enables new writers to get close to the experience of writing; the questions writers ask, and the choices they make. The book is crammed with practical suggestions and self-evaluation exercises, as well as invaluable tips on style, sentence structure, punctuation and vocabulary. This is an ideal course text for students and an invaluable guide to self-study.

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