Old South Leaflets: General series, Volume 4,Numéro 77

Directors of the Old South Work, 1896

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Page 20 - The covenant between you and us is the oath you have taken of us, which is to this purpose that we shall govern you and judge your causes by the rules of God's laws and our own, according to our best skill.
Page 13 - ... wolf at the door," at that instant they spied a ship arrived at the harbour's mouth, laden with provisions for them all.
Page 9 - Winthrops. Mr. Adam Winthrop, the son of a worthy gentleman wearing the same name, was himself a worthy, a discreet, and a learned gentleman, particularly eminent for skill in the law, nor without remark for love to the gospel, under the reign of King Henry VIII., and brother to a memorable favourer of the reformed religion in the days of Queen Mary, into whose hands the famous martyr Philpot committed his papers, which afterwards made no inconsiderable part of our martyr-books.
Page 2 - ... with an horrible tempest, which held them for fourteen days together, in seven whereof they saw not sun, moon or star, but were driven upon the coast of Norway. The mariners often despaired of life, and once with doleful shrieks gave over all, as thinking the vessel was foundred: but the vessel rose again, and when the mariners with sunk hearts often cried out, "We sink! we sink!
Page 4 - Christendom towards its recovery, he set himself by reading, by discourse, by prayer, to learn whether it was not his duty to withdraw from the communion of the parish-assemblies, and engage with some society of the faithful, that should keep close unto the written word of God, as the rule of their worship.
Page 8 - He was a person for study as well as action ; and hence, notwithstanding the difficulties through which he passed in his youth, he attained unto a notable skill in languages : the Dutch tongue was become almost as vernacular to him as the English ; the French tongue he could also manage ; the Latin and the Greek he had mastered; but the Hebrew he most of all studied, " Because," he said, " he would see with his own eyes the ancient oracles of God in their native beauty.
Page 6 - French discipline, you do us wrong, for we both hold and practice the discipline of the French and other Reformed Churches (as they have published the same in the Harmony of Confessions) according to our means, in effect and substance. But whereas you would tie us up to the French discipline in every circumstatice, you derogate from the liberty we have in Christ Jesus.
Page 20 - I intend not to intermeddle in the proceedings of the court, or with any of the persons concerned therein. Only I bless God, that I see an issue of this troublesome business. I also acknowledge the justice of the court, and, for mine own part, I am well satisfied, I was publicly charged, and I am publicly and legally acquitted, which is all I did expect or desire. And though this be sufficient for my justification before men, yet not so before the God, who hath...
Page 18 - ... but when Asa put the prophet in prison, the officers of the church did not call him to an account for that. If the magistrate shall in a. private way wrong any man, the church may call him to an account for it ; but if he be in pursuance of a course of justice, though the thing that he does be unjust, yet he is not accountable for it before the church. As for my self, I did nothing in the causes of any of the brethren but by the advice of the elders of the church.
Page 6 - Governour, the poor People had a great Experiment of Man's not living by Bread alone; for when they were left all together without one Morsel of Bread for many Months one after another, still the good Providence of God relieved them, and supplied them, and this for the most part out of the Sea. In this low Condition of Affairs, there was no little Exercise for the Prudence and Patience of the...

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