The Scots Magazine, Volume 31

Sands, Brymer, Murray and Cochran, 1769

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Page 121 - Do you sincerely own and believe the whole doctrine contained in the Confession of Faith, approven by the general assemblies of this church, and ratified by law, in the year 1690, to be founded upon the Word of God; and do you acknowledge the same as the confession of your faith...
Page 316 - Tis but the funeral of the former year. Let joy or ease, let affluence or content, And the gay conscience of a life well spent, Calm every thought, inspirit every grace, Glow in thy heart, and smile upon thy face. Let day improve on day, and year on year, Without a pain, a trouble, or a fear...
Page 318 - Hence, avaunt, ('tis holy ground) 'Comus, and his midnight-crew, 'And Ignorance with looks profound, 'And dreaming Sloth of pallid hue, 'Mad Sedition's cry profane, 'Servitude that hugs her chain, 'Nor in these consecrated bowers 'Let painted Flatt'ry hide her serpent-train in flowers. CHORUS 'Nor Envy base, nor creeping Gain 'Dare the Muse's walk to stain, 'While bright-eyed Science watches round: 'Hence, away, 'tis holy Ground! RECITATIVE From yonder realms of empyrean day Bursts on my ear th...
Page 318 - What is grandeur, what is power? Heavier toil, superior pain. What the bright reward we gain ? The grateful memory of the good. Sweet is the breath of vernal shower, The bee's collected treasures sweet, Sweet music's melting fall, but sweeter yet The still small voice of gratitude.
Page 318 - Through the wild waves as they roar, With watchful eye and dauntlefs mien, Thy fteady courfe of honour keep, Nor fear the rocks, nor feek the fhore : The ftar of Brunfwick fmiles ferene, And gilds the horrors of the deep.
Page 318 - But hark ! the portals sound, and pacing forth With solemn steps and slow, High potentates, and dames of royal birth, And mitred fathers in long order go : Great Edward, with the lilies on his brow From haughty Gallia torn.
Page 435 - Within its ample round of rays; Tell all the leaves and all the buds, That crown the gardens and the woods...
Page 480 - But when our SHAKESPEARE'S matchless pen Like Alexander's sword, had done with men; He heav'd no sigh, he made no moan, Not limited to human kind, He fir'd his wonder-teeming mind, Rais'd other worlds, and beings of his own ! AIR.
Page 460 - ... the orator, and thofe, if they be well founded, prove the patriot. But I here certify to you, on my word of honour, and in the face of the public, that I cannot be of any fort of ufe to you ; that I never entered into any treaty for the fale of my papers, and never either by myfelf, or any agent authorifed on my part, Cjffered to make appear, that the peace had been fold to France.
Page 367 - ... an armament by sea and land investing this metropolis, and a military guard with cannon pointed at the very door of the state-house, where this assembly is held, is inconsistent with that dignity, as well as that freedom with which we have a right to deliberate, consult, and determine.

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