Healing for the Abused

Lulu.com, 1 oct. 2006 - 132 pages
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The author, Steve Emery and his wife Jean Ann were married at the age of 17 and 15. Despite the trials and challenges of life, they are still together and happily married 35+ years later, and encourage others through things they've learned over the years. Steve draws from the experience of "kids raising kids" having raised four children, blending two entirely different family backgrounds and overcoming life issues to survive and succeed despite the many obstacles. Also, insight gained from years in business and ministry add to the unique perspective contained in this writing: .To recognize the problem of manipulation and control. Society, from families, businesses, churches and governments, have been affected by this emotional "cancer." Many that have been victimized can draw hope and healing from the information in this book .To recognize the Church's responsibility regarding this issue .To define and identify covenant breakers: victims or perpetrators?

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Examining Changing Trends In Business
Witchcraft In The Church?
Loving Father Or Divine Manipulator? 38 Chapter 4 What Was The Thing That Jesus Hated?
A Challenge To Apostolic Reformation 85 Chapter 8 Leaving Babylon
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