The American Whig Review, Volume 6

Wiley and Putnam, 1847

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Page 523 - There shall be sung another golden age, The rise of empire and of arts, The good and great inspiring epic rage, The wisest heads and noblest hearts. Not such as Europe breeds in her decay; Such as she bred when fresh and young, When heavenly flame did animate her clay, By future poets shall be sung.
Page 306 - Two loves I have of comfort and despair, Which like two spirits do suggest me still : The better angel is a man right fair, The worser spirit a woman colour'd ill. To win me soon to hell, my female evil Tempteth my better angel from my side, And would corrupt my saint to be a devil, Wooing his purity with her foul pride.
Page 200 - The floating clouds their state shall lend To her; for her the willow bend; Nor shall she fail to see Even in the motions of the Storm Grace that shall mould the Maiden's form By silent sympathy. 'The stars of midnight shall be dear To her; and she shall lean her ear In many a secret place Where rivulets dance their wayward round, And beauty born of murmuring sound Shall pass into her face.
Page 35 - Under that iron-sceptred queen, Had not Rebecca set me free. When fair Rebecca set me free, 'Twas then a golden time with me : But soon those pleasures fled ; For the gracious princess died, In her youth and beauty's pride, And Judith reigned in her stead.
Page 199 - Line in nature is not found; Unit and universe are round ; In vain produced, all rays return ; Evil will bless, and ice will burn.
Page 34 - And may my humble dwelling stand Upon some chosen spot of land : A pond before full to the brim, Where cows may cool and geese may swim ; Behind a green, like velvet neat, Soft to the eye and to the feet; Where odorous plants, in evening fair, Breathe all around ambrosial air...
Page 206 - Give warning to the world that I am fled From this vile world, with vilest worms to dwell : Nay, if you read this line, remember not The hand that writ it ; for I love you so That I in your sweet thoughts would be forgot If thinking on me then should make you woe.
Page 378 - His chain of gold the King unstrung, The links o'er Malcolm's neck he flung, Then gently drew the glittering band, And laid the clasp on Ellen's hand.
Page 31 - I shall only instance in one delight more, the most natural and best natured of all others, a perpetual companion of the husbandman: and that is, the satisfaction of looking round about him, and seeing nothing but the effects and improvements of his own art and diligence; to be always gathering of some fruits of it, and at the same time to behold others ripening, and others budding; to see all his fields and gardens covered with the beauteous creatures of his own industry; and to see, like God, that...
Page 35 - In her youth and beauty's pride, And Judith reigned in her stead. " One month, three days, and half an hour, Judith held the sovereign power. Wondrous beautiful her face ; But so weak and small her wit, That she to govern was unfit, And so Susanna took her place. " But when Isabella came, Arm'd with a resistless flame, And th...

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