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PEACE is no new theme. Ancient prophets foretold it as one of the peculiar glories of Messiah's reign; and the angels, sent to announce his advent, sang over his manger-cradle, Glory to God in the highest and on earth PEACE, good will to men! Peace was thus the birth-song of Christianity; and its principles, fully embodied by our Saviour in his sermon on the mount, and thickly scattered through the New Testament, were so strictly put in practice by the early Christians, that not a few of them went to the stake rather than bear arms. The church, however, relapsed into a deep, protracted degeneracy on this subject, as on many others; and for more than a thousand years after her fatal union with the state under Constantine in the fourth century, did she lend her sanction to the custom of war with scarce a thought of its glaring contrariety to her religion of peace. Still she was not entirely without witnesses on this point; for the Waldenses bore their testimony in the very midnight of the dark ages, and Erasmus, the day-star of the Reformation and of Modern Literature, wrote in behalf of peace with an eloquence worthy of the first scholar of the world. We know too well how little his voice was heeded by the warring Christians of

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