Religion and Policy and the Countenance and Assistance Each Should Give to the Other: With a Survey of the Power and Jurisdiction of the Pope in the Dominions of Other Princes, Volume 1

Clarendon Press, 1840 - 711 pages
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Page 150 - God shall choose ; and thou shalt come unto the priests, the Levites, and unto the judge that shall be in those days...
Page 12 - ... church or of churchmen ; nor does it appear from whence we have the very lives of the apostles, and other holy men, which are derived to us ; and which we have much more reason to suspect, because, as there was no collection of them in writing, till after Constantine's time, so what was afterwards put in writing hath been oftentimes altered, many things having been reformed and left out, according to the discretion and gravity of the age; and that body of the lives of the saints, which hath now...
Page 21 - Nice' there is without any colour of authority,) where Arius CHAP, was condemned by three hundred and one Bishops ; : — the whole number present being but three hundred and eighteen, and of the seventeen who dissented eleven afterwards recanted and submitted, so that there remained only six who continued obstinate. Constantine himself was present in this council, and he and he alone confirmed the decrees and acts thereof, and sent them so confirmed to Pope...
Page 7 - Mahometans, but to cease to be monarchs, and admit another prince to have an equal, if not superior, command over their own subjects in their own dominions, and must cease to be emperors before they can be admitted to be Christians?
Page 33 - D'Ossat, Cardinal, and Bishop of Port ; he without any scruple at all named himself, to the great astonishment of all the conclave, who nevertheless approved of him ; and so...
Page 374 - ... captivity : and they will then discern, that the true safety and security of a Church and State consists in the wisdom knowledge and virtue of a people, that can discern and distinguish between truth and error, and suppress the one, or at least expel the poison of it, by the power of the other ; supported by laws constituted upon the foundation of prudence and justice, more than by a stupid resignation of the understanding to old dictates, and by a sottish affectation of ignorance in those things...

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