AuthorHouse, 2007 - 488 pages
Recently discovered manuscript of a Grand Tour taken by a young American engineer in the years 1855 - 1857 encompassing Europe, Egypt and the Holy Land. Part II (this book) begins in Egypt where the author travels up and down the Nile, visiting tombs and villages. He continues on the "long desert route" to the Holy Land, retracing the probable route taken during the Exodus. Extensive observations are recorded in the Holy Land with insightful information and Biblical and social commentary. The route terminates in Beyrout, Syria (today Lebanon). The book contains contemporary maps and the author's own weather charts, and is generously annotated and profusely illustrated with original drawings by the author and "grangerized" engravings of the period. A selection of albumin prints (circa 1894) collected by the author's brother are also included. These prints illustrate many of the scenes described in the book.

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